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Here we will regale you with many interesting information, curiosities and stories of many locations... - All can be seen by those who have the eyes to see ... come with us and we will show you where to look.

Mysteries of Prague “The House at the Golden Well”

15th May 2018
Category: Legends

Prague is a city filled with hidden gems, many of which harbor dark secrets. One such site is that of Dům U Zlaté Studně or the ‘The House at the Golden Well.’ Today the building stands as a proud example of Prague’s rich cultural and artistic history, with its magnificent gardens and intricate frescoes. However, […]

The miraculous hind – A divine guide

3rd May 2018
Category: Legends

Deer in Mythology In Turkish and Hungarian mythology, the deer is one of the most important animals, along with the turul – also a divine guiding presence – and the female wolf. The earliest known depiction of this is from the 4th century BC.     The stag represents Tengri’s – the main God’s – […]

The legend of the Turul – The defender of Hungarians

18th April 2018
Category: Legends

The Turul in ancient history If you ever go to Hungary, you will probably see statues of big birds. The Turul, legendary bird of Hungarian origin myths, is a huge bird of prey. It is debated whether it’s a falcon, a vulture, an eagle or even a griffin, or a mixture of those. Etimologycally the […]

Anonymus – Chronicler of the Hungarians

28th March 2018
Category: History

In literature and art, those whose names are not known are often called Anonymous, meaning “nameless” or “unnamed”. To Hungarians, the name Anonymus – with latin spelling – belongs to the most important chronicler of the Hungarian king, – probably Béla III. He never signed his writings, only as P. dictus magister (“Master P.”). He […]

Baphomet’s Casino no.1

23rd March 2018
Category: Bright & Dark Novels

David Collins stared lazily and unfocused at himself in the bathroom mirror, splashed his face with cold water and slurred aloud to himself ‘Pull yourself together man. 43 years old, not bad looking, it’s not the end of the world’. It had been a bad day. His boss had been very apologetic. Economic crisis. Cutbacks. […]

The Elf and the Wizard

6th March 2018
Category: Bright & Dark Novels

Mischievous yet kind-hearted, sprightly and lithe, Viktoria was well-liked in the community where she lived. Rarely a moment passed when she would not make someone smile with happiness. The Elven Viktoria lived on the outskirts of town with Petri, one of the Tall Ones, in a compact though well designed bydlet and, while proud of […]

Mysteries of Prague “Charles Bridge”

5th March 2018
Category: History

Charles Bridge Today, Charles Bridge is Prague’s most iconic location, featuring on almost every tourist souvenir imaginable, most of which can be found atop the bridge itself. However, whilst it may draw millions of visitors a year for its splendour, many people fail to acknowledge its less than picturesque past. Charles Bridge was constructed between […]

The White Lady of Lőcse – Part 2

1st March 2018
Category: Legends

Some may call her the Hungarian Mata Hari, the White Lady of Lőcse was a tragic figure of 18th century Hungarian history, caught in the cross-fire of the Habsburgs and the Rákóczi revolutionaries.   Even before her trial and execution, Julianna Korponay was viewed with a great deal of suspicion from both sides. The Habsburg […]

The White Lady of Lőcse – Part 1

25th February 2018
Category: Legends

Almost every country has its own White Lady figure deeply rooted in folklore. In a popular medieval legend from the United Kingdom the White Lady is a ghost who appears in a house in which a family member is soon to die, in French mythology the Dames Blanches are female spirits who sometimes require one […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – Episode 2

22nd February 2018
Category: Bright & Dark Novels

Ruthven Castle (now Barracks) The castle that once stood on the site of the barracks, was said to be haunted by its notorious lord, who was trapped in limbo playing cards with the Devil. Ruthven was first used as a Barracks in 1689 however a castle used to stand on the site and which was […]

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