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Here we will regale you with many tales, myths and mysterious legends happened in this medieval city. All can be seen by those who have the eyes to see ... come with us and we will show you where to look.

Dark’s News

17th June 2017

Steven Dark Writer, Actor, Independent Celebrant (London)

Absinthe – La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy)

10th September 2017

Nothing typifies the milieu of La Belle Epoque more than Absinthe, the notorious drink of choice of artists and Bohemians in fin de siecle London and Paris. While little of the alleged psychoactive or hallucinatory aspects of absinthe have been explained by science, what we do know is that the drink touched the lives and […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – Episode 2

31st August 2017

Ruthven Castle (now Barracks) The castle that once stood on the site of the barracks, was said to be haunted by its notorious lord, who was trapped in limbo playing cards with the Devil. Ruthven was first used as a Barracks in 1689 however a castle used to stand on the site and which was […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – Episode 1

2nd August 2017

The Devil in his many guises and of many different names – Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Mephisto, Mephistopheles is a rather well travelled chap appearing throughout history to just about every society and culture that has existed. As a young boy growing up in my home country of Wales I learned a local legend that, many […]

Esoteric Prague Part 2 – The Golem

29th July 2017

The Golem of Prague In the Old Town area of Prague in the heart of Josefov, the Jewish quarter, stands an unprepossessing building that hides within its walls a secret. In the attic of the Old-New Synagogue there is a genizah, a room or depository in a synagogue or cemetery, usually specifically for worn-out Hebrew-language […]

Esoteric Prague Part 1

24th July 2017

Prague, mother of cities and the city of more dreaming spires than Oxford is a city both modern and ancient. The capital of the Czech Republic with a population of about 0.9 million is the powerhouse of a booming Czech economy. Even in the current global world recession Prague is doing very well. Over the […]

House at the Black Madonna – Grand Cafe Orient Prague

25th June 2017

Carrot cake, the Black Madonna & the Order of the Knights Templar – Grand Cafe Orient at the House of the Black Madonna (Prague, Czech Republic) by Steven Dark Designed by Josef Gocár, The House of the Black Madonna ((U Cerné Matky Boží)) is a cubist building in the “Old Town” area of Prague, Czech […]

1850s Prague Photography on Display at City Gallery

20th June 2017

1850s Prague Photography on Display at City Gallery Some of the earliest photos ever captured of the Czech capital, from photographer Andreas Groll, are now open to the public. From now until May 8, you can see Groll’s early photography of Prague and other cities at the exhibit Andreas Groll (1812–1872): Unknown Photographer at Prague […]

In Search of the real Dracula

24th May 2017

Radu Florescu, the Romanian-born historian, professor and philanthropist who was the first to link the fictional Count Dracula to the 15th-century Romanian prince, Vlad the Impaler — died on May 18 at the age of 88. Florescu wrote many books but is probably most famous for ‘In Search of Dracula’, which he co-authored with Raymond […]

The Devil´s Bible (Codex Gigas)

14th May 2017

The Codex Gigas (or Devil´s Bible) is a large 13th-century manuscript from Bohemia, one of the historical Czech lands. Renowned for its size and its striking full-page rendition of the devil (found on page 577), it contains a number of parts: the Old and New testaments, two works of Josephus Flavius, Isidore of Seville´s Etymologies, […]

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