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Who We Are - Meet with us after dark

Andrea Arcidiacona
Founder and Director

Born as lover and passionate of old myths and legends that interwine with dark history. I am the founder and director at Mysterium Tours, after hailing from the ancient city of Siracusa (Italy). Mysterium Tour Budapest is the 2nd chapter after Prague (2014) both are creatures of the night born of Mysterium Tours, part of an international project. My crew are all lovers of medieval history, beliefs and folklore, we are the pre-eminent team of storytellers and artists; adventurers in mystery, travellers through history and artisans of the darkness of the ancient and mysterious city of Budapest. Driven by many long years of painstaking research to discover fresh insights into the dark history of Budapest and Europe, it is our privilige to guide you through the ancient streets of Buda Castle to electrify your imagination with stories of war and honour and to regale you with terrifying tales of ghosts and vampires.


Emese György


Storyteller, dancer, artist. A woman, who loves music and good books. I also love writing stories of love, hate and other strange things, but my stories mostly have happy endings, and I leave the tragedies to History. I’m a hopeless romantic. A passionate, charming little lady, with a kind, tempting smile, but don’t be fooled by appearances. You will learn from my stories, that such mistakes can be fatal. Although there’s a dark side in eveyone- and so in me too- there are unknown beauties in the darkness, that you can only see if you learn to embrace the shadow upon your soul. This shadow will allow you to join me on our walk in the darkness. So, follow my lantern, let it’s light and my voice show you the ancient legends of our past, written in blood.



Fanni Bagaméri

Storyteller, lover of history and legends. Telling and listening to stories have always been my favourit activity. Mysteries, violence and creatures of the night can all be found in my tales. Follow my lantern throughhout the ancient Buda castle and I'll stun you with horrific stories and a beautiful view.