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Sergi Teba

Narrador en Español

El destino más casual lo situó en Praga, pero como muchas historias cuentan, el destino es el destino. Nacido en Valencia, formado en teatro y historia del arte, amante de las historias, va a ser tu voz y luz entre estas pequenas callejuelas, que se amontonan sobre la Stare Mesto, cuidado donde pisen o miren, pues la historia de esta ciudad se sigue alimentando de muchas leyendas... -Sígueme

Andrea Arcidiacona

Líder y Narrador en Italiano

From a very young age I've been always passionate about ancient history and beliefs that gave birth to myths and legends. Horror & Noir comic books collector, I am in love with medieval hamlets and night walking strolls around medieval monasteries, gothic churches and cemeteries. From the town of Siracusa (Sicily, Italy) I landed to Prague, the most gothic city in the world where I've gathered the inspirations to create Mysterium Tours, that has been brought to life in a raging thunderstorm in March 2014. I am the Storyteller in Italian and it will be my honour to showcase my personal and intimate passion and connection with the old cities where you find us.

Scott Sophos

Narrador en Inglés

A new resident of Prague, I have been teaching drama and acting professionally in the USA and the UK for as far back as I can remember. I hold a special place in my heart for medieval and Renaissance History, and performed as a cast member of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the USA for sixteen years. It was there that I honed my improvisation and storytelling skills. I look forward to guiding our guests through the fascinating history and dark legends of this most magical city.

Liam Hallahan

Narrador en Inglés

Liam Hallahan is an actor, writer and drama facilitator. His father, Charles Hallahan, famously appeared in John Carpenter's The Thing. Liam is a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology's Conservatory of Music and Drama, and has trained as a director and drama teacher. He's performed in Ireland, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, performing one-man shows, biographical theatre, site-specific work and Theatre-In-Education plays for schools. He is currently part of the core team of Prague Youth Theatre.

Kristýna Budínová

Narradora en Inglés

A daredevil, storyteller & an aspiring artist. I am an enthusiastic student of History, Art and the wonders of the human nature. I love telling and hearing stories, getting immersed in my limitless imagination. Since my young age, I have admired the beauty of Prague with its intriguing history, full of the dark tales that would make my heart beat faster from the excitement and a hint of fear. Conducting tours in English, follow me through the narrow, cobbled streets and I will reveal the mysteries and thrilling stories hidden in the core of this magical city.

Paula Calvo

Narradora en Español

Siempre me han fascinado las leyendas antiguas y los misterios. De niña me gustaba contarle cuentos a mi hermano menor y disfrutaba pasar las tardes lluviosas entre páginas de libros de historia, mitología y arte. Será un placer compartir las historias que se esconden tras los muros del castillo de Buda con ustedes.

Fanni Bagaméri

Narradora en Inglés

Storyteller, lover of history and legends. Telling and listening to stories have always been my favourit activity. Mysteries, violence and creatures of the night can all be found in my tales. Follow my lantern throughhout the ancient Buda castle and I'll stun you with horrific stories and a beautiful view.

Virág Vöröss

Narradora en Inglés

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by legendary creatures, I was longing to gain more knowledge about them. This thirst for mastering the secrets of darkness has accompanied me through the past decades. Every nation has its dark historical past. Every person has a dark side. It is up to us whether we hide it or embrace it. Join me to uncover the deeply feared secrets of Buda Castle. Come and explore the dark streets and stories of Budapest with me. Prepare for the chilling and bloody anecdotes of famous historical characters.

Elizabeth Cohen

Narradora en Inglés

Beth nació en Reino Unido, de madre inglesa y padre Australiano. Se formó en Arte Dramático y Música en la Universidad de Manchester, Reino Unido, con formación complementaria en Textos de Shakespeare en el teatro Globo de Londres. Beth tiene amplia experiencia tanto en teatro cómo en cine, televisión y radio. Le encanta Madrid, su ciudad adoptiva, con su pasado oscuro y sus rincones secretos. De niña, su pasión para contar historias a menudo le causaba problemas, pero desde que hizo de ello su profesión, todo parece haberse resuelto. Beth está encantada de representar a Mysterium en Madrid.

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