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Who We Are - Meet with us after dark


Andrea Arcidiacona
Founder and Director

From a very young age, I've beel always passionate about ancient history, folklore, beliefs that gave birth to myths and legends. Founder at Mysterium Tours, brought to life in a raging thunderstorm in March 2014 by me who hail from the ancient town of Siracusa (Italy). Mysterium Tours Prague is a daughter of the darkness that is Mysterium Tours, an international project that in only a few months became the top ranked ghost tour of Prague on TripAdvisor. I've created a team of storytellers and authors of original artistic works, whose also present public performances with genuine passion about authentic old legends; in a unique project which aims to showcase our very personal and intimate connection with old cities as Prague is.


Steven Dark

Writer and official blogger in english for Mysterium Tours, as well as the creator and presenter of “Embrace the Darkness – The Gothic Imagination & the Meaning of Horror” reading and performance. I am a native Brit, a chocaholic and (occasionally) purple bearded. My background in psychology and psychotherapy combined with a lifelong interest in the paranormal and all things 'woo woo' informs the creative expression of the art of storytelling. An experienced, effective and enthusiastic communicator, my aim is to inform, educate and entertain in a darkly humourous manner ensuring a lively atmosphere and an enjoyable, rewarding and memorable experience. "I love long evening walks through the dark and winding cobbled streets. The fact I'm usually dragging a dead body behind me is quite unimportant.



Peter Sýkora

Traveller, adventurer, storyteller, occasional actor and a fan of everything dark. When I am not surrounded by books researching long-forgotten stories, enjoying a good sci-fi movie or being lost in 80’s rock music, you’d most likely find me fiddling with pieces of leather or fabric, making a new addition to my gothic/victorian/steampunk outfits. Joining me on a tour exploring Prague’s darkest secrets is truly an exciting experience.





Eva Larvoire

A french actress, working in Prague on stage and for the screen.
After studying medicine for 4 years while carrying a career on stage in Budapest, Hungary, she dives fully in the world of performance, and moves to Prague. At first she works mostly on stage with the theatre company Blood, Love and Rhetoric and on short films, but in 2015, she appears also in feature films such as Underworld V, les Visiteurs 3 and TV series. Since she is passionate about the stage, she carries on her work with the theatre company, as performing in front of a live audience is a thrilling and fun experience ; and because she wants to expand her horizons, and because she loves legends, she naturally joins Mysterium Tours to conduct walks in English and in French. She will happily take you through Prague narrow streets, and treat your ears with the ghostly stories that haunt the walls of this millenary city !



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