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Andrea Arcidiacona

Founder & Storyteller in Italian

From a very young age he's been always passionate about ancient history and beliefs that gave birth to myths and legends. Horror & Noir comic books collector, he is in love with medieval hamlets and night walking strolls around medieval monasteries, gothic churches and cemeteries. From the town of Siracusa (Sicily, Italy) Andrea landed to Prague, the most gothic city in the world where he's gathered the inspirations to create Mysterium Tours, that has been brought to life in a raging thunderstorm in March 2014. The Story-Teller in Italian and it will be his honour to showcase a personal and intimate passion and connection with the old cities where you find us.

Kristýna Budínová

Storyteller in English

A daredevil, storyteller & an aspiring artist. I am an enthusiastic student of History, Art and the wonders of the human nature. I love telling and hearing stories, getting immersed in my limitless imagination. Since my young age, I have admired the beauty of Prague with its intriguing history, full of the dark tales that would make my heart beat faster from the excitement and a hint of fear. Conducting tours in English, follow me through the narrow, cobbled streets and I will reveal the mysteries and thrilling stories hidden in the core of this magical city.

Scott Sophos

Storyteller in English

A new resident of Prague, I have been teaching drama and acting professionally in the USA and the UK for as far back as I can remember. I hold a special place in my heart for medieval and Renaissance History, and performed as a cast member of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the USA for sixteen years. It was there that I honed my improvisation and storytelling skills. I look forward to guiding our guests through the fascinating history and dark legends of this most magical city.

Isabel Stewart

Storyteller in English

Issy Stewart is an actor from New Zealand, currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. She started her career at the age of 8 in the Pirandello play “Six Characters in Search of an Author” and soon after in New Zealand’s most popular TV show at the time, “Sensing Murder”. She went on to act in multiple different TV shows, short films and plays in her teenage years including playing Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” on stage. Being coached on and off throughout her career by New Zealand’s leading acting coach, Miranda Harcourt has helped to push her further and further with her abilities as an actor and at the age of 20, she was accepted into the acting program at Prague Film School in Prague, Czech Republic. Almost as soon as she moved to Prague and got an agent, she landed roles in the National Geographic TV show “Genius”, a movie called “Ophelia” starring Naomi Watts and Clive Owen, an Amazon TV show by “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner called “The Romanoff’s” and most recently she will be playing Louisa Pembroke in Amazon’s newest fantasy TV show “Carnival Row” starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne.

Eva Larvoire

Storyteller in French / English

A french actress, working in Prague on stage and for the screen. After studying medicine for 4 years while carrying a career on stage in Budapest, Hungary, she dives fully in the world of performance, and moves to Prague. At first she works mostly on stage with the theatre company Blood, Love and Rhetoric and on short films, but in 2015, she appears also in feature films such as Underworld V, les Visiteurs 3 and TV series. Since she is passionate about the stage, she carries on her work with the theatre company, as performing in front of a live audience is a thrilling and fun experience ; and because she wants to expand her horizons, and because she loves legends, she naturally joins Mysterium Tours to conduct walks in English and in French. She will happily take you through Prague narrow streets, and treat your ears with the ghostly stories that haunt the walls of this millenial city!

Steven Dark

Blogger in English

Writer and official blogger for Mysterium Tours, as well as the creator and presenter of “Embrace the Darkness – The Gothic Imagination & the Meaning of Horror” reading and performance. I am a native Brit, a chocaholic and (occasionally) purple bearded. My background in psychology and psychotherapy combined with a lifelong interest in the paranormal and all things 'woo woo' informs the creative expression of the art of storytelling. An experienced, effective and enthusiastic communicator, my aim is to inform, educate and entertain in a darkly humourous manner ensuring a lively atmosphere and an enjoyable, rewarding and memorable experience. "I love long evening walks through the dark and winding cobbled streets; the fact I'm usually dragging a dead body behind of me is quite unimportant.

Wendy Rosas

Storyteller in Spanish

She just graduated from University as a communicator, since a very young age she developed interest in arts, which led her into acting classes and professional performances when she was 15 years old. Currently in Prague, she is studying acting for Film in order to represent her country, Guatemala, all around the world.

Jacopo Giulini

Storyteller in Italian

Aspiring Art director, avid reader of Lovecraft and associates and obsessive consumer of exploitation movies, Jacopo always had the passion for the weird and the grotesque, since when as a child he asked his grandmother to drawn paintings of ghosts covered in blood and zombies. His background studies include history of art, cinema and a small theatre career, which (un) fortunately consisted mainly in playing the role of Boris Karloff’s relatives, suicidal lovers and silent tall men. An enthusiast of the strange, he will happily lead through the dark shadows of Prague.

Fanni Bagaméri

Storyteller in English

Storyteller, lover of history and legends. Telling and listening to stories have always been my favourit activity. Mysteries, violence and creatures of the night can all be found in my tales. Follow my lantern throughhout the ancient Buda castle and I'll stun you with horrific stories and a beautiful view.

Julian Ingendaay

Storyteller in English

A writer and filmmaker compelled by the darkness lurking within man, I was drawn to Budapest, the Paris of the East. Here I joined Mysterium Tours, the only firm fit for my bouts of nightly melancholy. Stroll with me down the narrow Buda alleys, and hear tales of the people buried beneath our feet, the souls drowned in hundreds in the Danube's black abyss. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

Virág Vöröss

Storyteller in English

Ever since I was a little girl I was fascinated by legendary creatures, I was longing to gain more knowledge about them. This thirst for mastering the secrets of darkness has accompanied me through the past decades. Every nation has its dark historical past. Every person has a dark side. It is up to us whether we hide it or embrace it. Join me to uncover the deeply feared secrets of Buda Castle. Come and explore the dark streets and stories of Budapest with me. Prepare for the chilling and bloody anecdotes of famous historical characters.

Suzy-Bo Palfreyman

Storyteller in English / Spanish

Suzy-Bo Palfreyman was born and raised in England near the historic and legendary city of York. She developed a taste for historical curiosities and mysteries of a supernatural nature at a young age, and her love of drama and stories lead her to pursue a career in theatre. The ghosts of her past remain overseas, but she currently indulges her thirst for intrigue and the paranormal by telling tales of the ominous past that surrounds her new much beloved city of dwelling, Madrid. Suzy-Bo trained as a professional actress and earned her degree in Performing Arts in Manchester UK, and has worked in various theatre and film projects, both here and abroad. She is excited to share with you her passion for storytelling and eager to take you on a journey through time to explore some of the unexplained mysteries of the past that lurk in the deepest, darkest corners of this enchanting city.

Andrea Brown

Storyteller in English / Spanish

Andrea Brown was born in Colorado but raised in Spain. She studied drama in Exeter, UK and later moved to Madrid to study in the Royal Drama Academy of Madrid. After graduating she worked as an actress for three theatre companies for children. She has also done storytelling and other types of entertainment activities.

Alfons Nieto Tenas

Storyteller in Spanish

Alfons is a Catalan actor based in Madrid. He studied drama at the Oficiall Drama School of Barcelona (Institut del Teatre) and then he moved to London to finish the drama studies there (Rose Bruford College). Since he started to work he have been working professionally on theatre, tv and cinema. After 7 years working in Barcelona, mostly on tv, he moved to Madrid to find new projects and acting experiences. Will you follow him in this new adventure through the dark side of Madrid? Let him be your storyteller... and you will not regret!

Renato Capoccia

Storyteller and Blogger in Italian

Eleven years of theatre, and so many characters played, made him forget his true identity. While looking for it, he is travelling around the world with the hope to find a clue hidden behind a story. During the research he didn’t impersonate just characters, but also directors, teachers and finally authors, and now for your pleasure he will impersonate a steampunk guide that will bring you to discover ancient histories...and maybe his own identity.

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