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Mysterium Tours†is described as a unique international project where Mysteries, Storytelling and Dark History intertwine.
We are based in†Prague,†Budapest and Madrid†and soon in more cities, offering top ranked night tours that turns onto an experience of the unknown side of our cities.
“Mysterium Tours†is also†best described as a walking night tour, filled with charming dark side of the city and guided by an elegant storyteller”.

Mysterium Tours focus on small groups, in average 4-10 guests for each tour. In our team, we decided to take a different approach than all the other tour companies. We emphasize the art of storytelling, music and the importance of visual appearance, such as body language and stunning historical gothic / steampunk / victorian style outfits.

– This ad aims to find more members (Storytellers and Violinists) in†Prague, Budapest, Madrid.

You should reply to this ad if:

  • You are from 23 to 45 years old.
  • You are passionate about history, mysteries, legends and dark tales.
  • You have an excellent use of English Language (british or american accent) – German, Spanish, Italian, French with native accent.
  • You are familiar and enthusiastic about to wear a themed outfit (gothic / medieval / baroque / victorian / steampunk) while doing tours.
  • You are knowledgeable, charismatic and elegant, to represent our brand while doing the tours.
  • You have an appropriate charismatic voice and acting skills able to narrate historical facts and dark tales.
  • You are experienced or not but enthusiastic and you believe to have talent for it.
  • You are responsible and reliable to respect your work schedule.

Your tasks are:

  • STORYTELLERS: perform as a professional narrator at evening time (2 hours for 2-4 times per week).
  • Constantly improve your skills and knowledge as storyteller and historian.
  • Complete your gothic / victorian / noble vampire outfit with accessories and make-up, making sure you always look accurate and elegant.
  • VIOLINISTS: perfom playing Gothic Medieval music while wearing a Gothic / Victorian outfit.

What do we offer:

  • Storytelling teachings
  • Competitive wages
  • Money tips (range 4-50 €)
  • Commissions
  • Flexible schedule
  • Friendly team that shares a common passion
  • You could be featured in magazines and travelling blogs, attending vampire balls and events.
  • Opportunity to promote your personal extra activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social networks.

Send your Curriculum, a presentation letter and 3 different photos of you (full body) to Recruitment@MysteriumTours.com – your application will be review by the founder and you will be contacted only if your profile match the requirements. Thank you.

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