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Month: July 2017

The Devil´s Bible (Codex Gigas)

31st July 2017
Category: Czechia

The Codex Gigas (or Devil´s Bible) is a large 13th-century manuscript from Bohemia, one of the historical Czech lands. Renowned for its size and its striking full-page rendition of the devil (found on page 577), it contains a number of parts: the Old and New testaments, two works of Josephus Flavius, Isidore of Seville´s Etymologies, […]

Is Hrad Houska a Gateway to Hell?

24th July 2017
Category: Czechia

Houska Castle: According to folklore, Houska Castle, located in Blatce, north of Prague in the Czech Republic, is built over a “bottomless” hole that leads to Hell. One legend claims that in the 13th century, King Ottokar II of Bohemia (or else a nobleman of the Dubá clan) offered a pardon to any condemned prisoner […]

Karlstejn, Czech Republic

17th July 2017
Category: Czechia

Famous castles, churches, chapels and cemetaries of Europe – Karlstejn, Czech Republic Not to be confused with the lovely lady vamps of Karnstein and the trilogy of Hammer Horror repute, Karlstejn looks every bit the perfect setting for such naughty romps with voluptuous and vivacious vampire vixens. High Gothic castle founded in 1348, which has […]

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