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Month: October 2017

Corvin’s Castle – Transylvania

30th October 2017
Category: Hungary

Built in 1307 by King Carol Robert of Anjou, it was reportedly the prison of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) who was locked up in its dungeon for seven years after he was deposed in 1462. So, he just might be one of the many spirits who still resides there. There are many others, as well. […]

Absinthe – La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy)

23rd October 2017
Category: Czechia

Nothing typifies the milieu of La Belle Epoque more than Absinthe, the notorious drink of choice of artists and Bohemians in fin de siecle London and Paris. While little of the alleged psychoactive or hallucinatory aspects of absinthe have been explained by science, what we do know is that the drink touched the lives and […]

Ghosts and Legends of Prague’s Old Town

16th October 2017
Category: Czechia

Ghosts and Legends of Prague – A Virtual Tour Terrifying Tales of Alchemy, Magic, Madness, Murder and Macabre Mysteries The capital of alchemy in the 16th century, the birthplace of the Golem, home to the still undeciphered Voynich manuscript and the Codex Gigas, otherwise known as the Devil’s Bible, Prague is said to be part […]

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