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Month: November 2017

Rudas Baths in Budapest

27th November 2017
Category: Hungary

Recently restored and modernized the Rudas baths originally built during the Turkish occupation of Hungary in the 16th century still retains many features of traditional Turkish design. Six thermal baths of varying temperatures bubble gently in one dimly lit, intimate and steamy room downstairs. The ceiling of the centre bath is a patchwork of small, […]

The Astronomical Clock (Orloj) Prague

20th November 2017
Category: Czechia

The Astronomical Clock & the Legend of Master Hanus In the Middle Ages, under the control of Kings and the capital of the bohemian kingdom, Prague’s position as the crossroads of Europe led to its growth into a magnificent city, at that time far larger and more important than Paris or London. To celebrate its […]

Olšany Cemetery in Prague

13th November 2017
Category: Czechia

Famous castles, churches, chapels and cemetaries of Europe. In places, particularly the old quarter, it is more than a little reminiscent of Highgate Cemetary, London. Olšany Cemetery (Olšanské hřbitovy) is the largest graveyard in Prague, Czech Republic, having had as many as two million burials and it is particularly noted for its many remarkable art […]

Mysteries of Prague “The Faust House”

6th November 2017
Category: Czechia

Standing on Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) is a beautiful building with a long history that is as mystical as its name: Faustuv dum (the House of Faust). The Dr. Faust of legend is well-known for his practice of of black magic and for making a pact with the devil and this particular building was so-named […]

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