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Month: February 2018

Mysteries of Madrid “The Fallen Angel”

28th February 2018
Category: Spain

The Mother of Mankind, what time his Pride Had cast him out from Heav’n, with all his Host Of Rebel Angels. (…) Round he throws his baleful eyes That witnessed huge affliction and dismay Mixt with obdurate pride and steadfast hate.   This quote is from the first book of John Milton’s epic poem, Paradise […]

The White Lady of Lőcse – Part 1

25th February 2018
Category: Hungary

Almost every country has its own White Lady figure deeply rooted in folklore. In a popular medieval legend from the United Kingdom the White Lady is a ghost who appears in a house in which a family member is soon to die, in French mythology the Dames Blanches are female spirits who sometimes require one […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – 2

22nd February 2018
Category: Novels

Ruthven Castle (now Barracks) The castle that once stood on the site of the barracks, was said to be haunted by its notorious lord, who was trapped in limbo playing cards with the Devil. Ruthven was first used as a Barracks in 1689 however a castle used to stand on the site and which was […]

Mysteries of Madrid “The Palace of Linares”

21st February 2018
Category: Spain

My son, it cost me a great effort to write this letter. So many times I have longed to confide in you and tell you my secret, a terrible secret that I have kept hidden for a long time. In my life, as in that of other men, there have been fleeting love stories which […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – 1

18th February 2018
Category: Novels

The Devil in his many guises and of many different names – Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Mephisto, Mephistopheles is a rather well travelled chap appearing throughout history to just about every society and culture that has existed. As a young boy growing up in my home country of Wales I learned a local legend that, many […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards

16th February 2018
Category: Novels

Playing cards are an everyday object used for gambling and game playing the world over. But the familiar deck of cards conceals many hidden meanings and inspire questions. Why are there four suits and why hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs? What is the significance of the picture cards? What is the meaning of the symbolism of […]

The Dark Side of Toledo

7th February 2018
Category: Spain

“The sacrificed one must be male. The blood of a woman can be infected, because they are among the few guardians of innocence. His soul must be free from original sin and his body must not have been stained with holy water, so he must not have been baptized. Neither his body nor his soul […]

Mysteries of Madrid “The House With Seven Chimneys”

1st February 2018
Category: Spain

One, two … three … four, five, six, seven… seven chimneys. That’s right, there are seven chimneys crowning the ‘Casa de las siete chimeneas’, a singular feature that gives the house it’s name. The house with seven chimneys… a historic dwelling with a mysterious past. The old building dates from the 16th century and is […]

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