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Month: February 2019

The Catacombs of Paris: Introduction and Construction

22nd February 2019
Category: France

To conclude the Body and Blood series, it is important to take a look at one of the most major and well-known instances of Europeans using the remains of the deceased as a resource with which to improve their lives and create something important to them: the Paris Catacombs. This is a subject that is […]

The Middle Ages’ Morbid Burial Rites

15th February 2019
Category: Poland

As one can expect, the Middle Ages were a tumultuous time for Europe. Death was everywhere, whether it came from war, crop failure, or the plague. As stated in previous articles, this lead to Europeans having a relationship with death that transformed the bodies of the dead into useful commodities such as relics, medicine, and […]

The Gruesome Inspiration of Sawney Bean

8th February 2019
Category: Scotland

Sawney Bean and his gory legacy sit with that of Countess Báthory when it comes to infamy and influence. It is a testament to the fear that the world outside of civilization held even during the Renaissance, when cities were rapidly beginning to build enough infrastructure between them to shelter traders and other members of […]

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