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Month: March 2020

Robert the Bruce and his Battle Axe

10th March 2020
Category: Scotland

Robert the Bruce and One-to-One Combat It is fairly unusual, even in the period of medieval kings, to hear about Kings engaging in one-to-one combat with a leader of a rival army. They are just too important to risk dying. Sure, they are at the battlefield. Yes, they roam around towards the back with their […]

HG Wells looking into the future

6th March 2020
Category: England

HG Wells: Today we will look into the Future Writing about a “modern” author like HG Wells is certainly not my nomenclature. In my line of work in writing for Mysterium Tours, I deal almost exclusively with the Past. I write by candlelight late into the night, I attempt to make sense of the senseless. […]

The Red Dragon of Wales

2nd March 2020
Category: Wales

The Red Dragon of Wales Wales is a beautiful country. From the rugged landscape of Snowdonia to the beautiful coastline of Anglesey, there is something in Wales for everyone. It is also a country of myths, legends and magic. I mean its flag has a Red Dragon on, you can’t get much more mythical and […]

Lady Mária Széchy, the “Venus of Murány Castle”

1st March 2020
Category: Czechia Hungary

Lady Mária Széchy, the “Venus of Murány Castle”   Murány Castle (Muránsky Hrad) was perhaps one of the most formidable forts in the Upper Lands of the Hungarian Kingdom. It is sitting on the steepest and highest cliffs of the Carpathian Mountains. You can read about this castle here. A scandalous lady Countess Mária Széchy […]

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