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Labyrinth of Buda Castle

The Labyrinth, located in the depths of the Castle Hill, has been used since the Middle Ages for many purposes: a shelter, a patio or a prison. Gothic and renaissance stone monuments, Turkish tombstones can be visited in winding corridors, vaulted rooms. You will participate in underground time travel with the destinations ranging from the palaces of Sigismund of Luxemburg and Mathias I, mystical monuments from the time of the Turkish occupation of Hungary, and traces dating back millions of years.
Medieval Hungary comes to life from state founder St. Stephen to King Matthias, in the Labyrinth can be visited the statues of the most famous Hungarian kings.
The Cave Exhibition features special photographs and reports by photographers and adventurers about the most beautiful caves of the world.

Please note that we do NOT run tours inside the labyrinth.

Address: Budavári – 1014 Budapest Úri street 9.

More information van be found on the website http://labirintus.eu/en/

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