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The Magical Tales of the Old Town

(The Shade of the Dragon)

This tour will take you back centuries, through medieval Krakow. Your guide will show you some of the most beautiful buildings, tell you about the hidden histories behind them, and share with you the many stories that have been passed down for generations. Stories of Vampires, Ghosts, Dragons and Devils. You will learn of some of the greatest men in Krakow’s history too, the Alchemists and Kings whose exploits are the stuff of legends even today! Whether you’ve just arrived and want to orient yourself in the city, or to experience the Gothic beauty of it all when the sun goes down, this tour will give you what you seek.


This tour does NOT include access to the interior of sites visited and “jump scare” actors.

Note that Mysterium Tours does NOT craft typical guided tours for tourists, these are immersive storytelling experiences about legends, histories and tales not always associated with the building we stand in front of.



The hidden corners of the old town

A journey to medieval Krakow

A professional storyteller in gothic costuming

The most famous historical sights

Detail of tours

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
(subject of availability – As actors, we often have other professional commitments)

Starting time: 20:30

Duration: 2 hours

Price: Adults 20 € | Students 17 € | Children 12 €
Gratuities (optional)

Starting Point: at Plac Mariacki a tiny little square, between the St.Mary’s Basilica and Hard Rock Cafe – look for your storyteller who will be wearing a period outfit and carrying an oil lantern – SEE MAP

Seats: pre-booking with online payment is essential to reserve the seat; therefore it is recommended to book early.

Private tours

Dedicated to corporate events, team buildings, school groups, or simply group of friends; for all those that would like to enjoy flexibility, comfort, intimacy and convenience. Suitable for any kind of groups as we can customized the tour with starting time, endpoint of the tour. Please let us know in order to make your participation unforgettable!

We also offer service of Pick-up and Drop-off in Prague city center. Extra charge of 4 € for each participant.

Prices in € - VAT included
1-4 Participants
120 €
Groups of 16-20
18 €
16 €
5-12 Participants
+24 € each
Groups of 21-30
15 €
12 €
13-15 Participants
300 € total
Groups of 31+
13 €
10 €

A few tips on how to properly enjoy the tour
Put aside your phone and the modern way of seeing things; let yourself be carried away by the stories of war and honour that will be told and follow each step carefully. Open your mind and play with your imagination; this will provide you with a glimpse of the past, a glance into the ancient history and stories, born from the superstition of the old times gone by.


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