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The Spectres of the Spanish Inquisition

(Ghosts & Legends of Madrid)

At dusk, when the sun sets over Madrid, spectres from the past stretch like long shadows, veiling the city with stories of hatred and persecution. On this evening tour, a lantern will guide your way through the cobbled alleys and squares of the “Madrid of the Habsburgs”, passing by churches, monasteries and places where jails and gallows once stood. As you explore the most infamous corners of the city, you will learn gruesome historical facts, hear legends and chilling ghost stories, told by the voice of an elegant narrator, who will also share the most intimate, atrocious and untold aspects of the Spanish Inquisition, that Holy Tribunal that so often led to a knock at the door under the cover of darkness…


This tour does NOT include access to the interiors of sites visited and “jump scares”. It is guided and performed by a single Storyteller in period outfit.

Note that Mysterium Tours does NOT craft typical guided tours for tourists; these are immersive storytelling experiences about history, local legends and tales not always associated with the building we stand in front of.



A professional Storyteller in period attire

An in-depth journey into the dark days of the Spanish Inquisition

The less travelled routes of the old Madrid

A journey into the Legends and Ghost Stories of Madrid

Detail of tours

Days: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
(subject of availability – As actors, we often have other professional commitments)

Starting Time: 18:00 Winter / 20:00 Summer

Duration: 2 hours

Price: 20 € Adults | 17  € Students | Children 12 €

Meeting / Starting Point: at the small fountain in the Plaza de la Provincia – a few meters away from the Plaza Mayor. Look for your Storyteller who will be wearing an historical costume and carrying a lantern, waiting to take you on your journey – SEE MAP.

Seats: pre-booking with online payment is essential to reserve the seat, therefore it is recommended to book early.

The tour runs in all weather conditions. It is recommended to dress appropriately in wintertime and to wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Private tours

Prices in € - VAT included
1-4 Participants
120 €
Groups of 16-20
18 €
16 €
5-12 Participants
120 € (base price) +24 € each
Groups of 21-30
15 €
12 €
13-15 Participants
300 € total
Groups of 31+
13 €
10 €

A few tips on how to properly enjoy the tour.
Put aside your phone and the modern way of seeing things; let yourself be carried away by the stories and facts that will be dramatically told and follow each step carefully. Open your mind and play with your imagination; this will provide you with a glimpse of the past, a glance into the darkest aspects, born from the superstition of the old times gone by.



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