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Black Light Theatre

Aspects of Alice

Aspects of Alice

This black-light take on a beloved literary classic involves all the best motifs from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and reimagines the story in unexpected (or shall we say, mad) ways. Aspects of Alice has been running for over 28 years and has welcomed more than 12,000 international visitors.

A classic black-light theatre performance based on “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. A performance whose imagination, poetry and perfect technical effects have been admired by audiences in more than thirty countries across three continents. It is not an exact stage copy of the book, but begins when Alice stops being a little girl. On the stage, with the help of your imagination, the author enables Alice to go through all the beautiful and sweet stages of growing up, first loves, awakening to adulthood, gathering experience, laughter and tears, happiness and sadness. All against the backdrop of old Prague, its architectural jewels, its rich history and also its role as a crossroads of Christian and Jewish culture.

Before your eyes you will see the Cathedral of Saint Vitus come to life, as it was under Charles IV, you will pass through the mysterious environment of the Jewish cemetery in the Old Town and you will later taste the freedom returned to a country in the heart of Europe, to the accompaniment of Smetana’s wonderful music.
The creative design, the large-screen projections, the animated film produced specially for this performance, the puppets, the unique stage tricks and black-light effects, the wonderful contemporary music by Petr Hapka, the classical music from the My Country symphony by Bedřich Smetana and the Slavonic Dances by Antonín Dvořák and your imagination – all this comes together to bring about the resulting theatre experience, which cannot be seen in any other theatre.


A unique non-verbal black light performance to over 60,000 visitors

All of these stories are communicated to our audiences non-verbally

The sole language is that of movement, music, black light effects, mechanical tricks, puppets

A arge screen projections integrated with the performers

The performance is approximately 80 minutes long (including a 10 min. intermission and interactive workshop).

Price: 28 € for adults / 22 € for students and children



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