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Scott S.

Storyteller & Actor

A new resident of Prague, I have been teaching drama and acting professionally in the USA and the UK for as far back as I can remember. I hold a special place in my heart for medieval and Renaissance History, and performed as a cast member of the Maryland Renaissance Festival in the USA for sixteen years. It was there that I honed my improvisation and storytelling skills. I look forward to guiding our guests through the fascinating history and dark legends of this most magical city.

Liam H.

Storyteller & Writer

Liam is an actor, writer and drama facilitator. His father, Charles Hallahan, famously appeared in John Carpenter's The Thing. Liam is a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Technology's Conservatory of Music and Drama, and has trained as a director and drama teacher. He's performed in Ireland, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, performing one-man shows, biographical theatre, site-specific work and Theatre-In-Education plays for schools. He is currently part of the core team of Prague Youth Theatre.

Lara K.

Storyteller & Historian

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by stories of centuries past and legends. That lead me to become a profesional historian and a performer. For almost ten years I have been trying to bring the past closer to people of this day through performances of living history, storytelling, theatre, dancing and writing. The art and history one can encounter in the web of old and tiny streets of Prague has enchanted me and made me its resident. My creativity sees this city as a well of endless inspiration. I love to walk in footsteps of people from long ago, touch the walls and objects they touched and tell the stories of their lifes and sometimes their afterlife. I can't wait to take you on an evening walk through the wonderful city of Prague and share with you the stories that have deeply touched me.

Fanni B.

Storyteller & History Lover

Storyteller, lover of history and legends. Telling and listening to stories have always been my favourit activity. Mysteries, violence and creatures of the night can all be found in my tales. Follow my lantern throughhout the ancient Buda castle and I'll stun you with horrific stories and a beautiful view.

Elizabeth C.

Storyteller & Actress

Beth was born in England to a British mother and an Australian father. She studied Music and Drama at the University of Manchester followed by complementary studies in Shakespeare at The Globe Theatre, London. Beth has extensive experience in theatre as well as cinema, television and voice work. She loves the old city of Madrid, with it’s dark past and secret corners. As a child, her passion for telling stories often got her into trouble, but all was resolved when she decided to become a professional storyteller. Beth is delighted to represent Mysterium in Madrid.

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