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In Alchemists’ Footsteps – Prague Castle Tour

(Legends and Mysteries of Magic Prague)

Our storytellers will bring to life a unique experience in a form of a walking tour … away from the hustle and bustle of Prague´s Old Town, this evening walk led by an elegant narrator carrying a lantern, takes us on a journey through mystery and magic. Discovering on the way many unknown places of esoteric charm where masters of the dark arts of Alchemy and Astronomy would toil by candlelight late into the night. You will hear scary and mysterious stories of disappearances and the haunting presence of the devil. Our journey takes us through an area reputed to be the location of the “gate to hell” and where the silent streets and sinister corners have been walked by the most mysterious minds of the renaissance Europe.


This tour does not include access to interiors of sites visited and no “jump scare” actors.
We rely on the professional story telling skills of our actors.

Note that Mysterium Tours does NOT craft typical guided tours for tourists, these are immersive storytelling experiences about legends, histories and tales not always associated with the building we stand in front of.



A professional Storyteller in historical period attire

Stunning dark atmosphere of Prague's Castle district

Saint Vitus Cathedral and Golden lane

The emperor Rudolph II and the most famous alchemists and magicians of the time

Detail of tours

This tour runs as Private Tour only

Days: Wednesday, Sunday

Starting time: 19:00h

Duration: 2 hours

Meeting Point: beside the Starbucks Coffee in Malostranské Náměstí (Lesser Town Square – Prague Castle Side). Look for your storyteller who will be wearing an historical costume and carrying a lantern, waiting to take you on your journey – SEE MAP.

This tour runs in all weather conditions; it is recommended to dress appropriately in wintertime and wear a raincoat or bring an umbrella in case of rain.

Prices in € - VAT included
1-4 Participants
120 €
Groups of 16-20
18 €
16 €
5-12 Participants
120€ (base price) +24 € each
Groups of 21-30
15 €
12 €
13-15 Participants
300 € total
Groups of 31+
13 €
10 €

A few tips on how to properly enjoy this tour
Put aside your phone and the modern way of seeing things; let yourself be carried away by the stories that will be dramatically told and follow each step carefully. Open your mind and play with your imagination; this will provide you with a glimpse of the past, a glance into the ancient tales, born from the superstition of the old times gone by.

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