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Ghost Tours - Haunted Night Walks with Tales, Legends and Mysteries

Mysterium Tours is an international company that operates Ghost & Vampire Night-Time Guided Walking Tours coming in the form of immersive storytelling experiences.

These types of tours are generally labeled as Ghost Tours or Vampire Tours or Mystery Tours.

Our tours are best described as after-dark haunted walks, filled with the eeriest legends of the city and guided by an elegant storyteller.

Mysterium Tours offers evening walking tours guided by professional storytellers in period costuming – guiding visitors and revealing mysteries and curiosities, telling ghost stories and hauntings, medieval legends, and dark tales about Ghosts, Vampires, Serial-Killers, Alchemists, Witches, and mythological creatures

Our tellers wear exquisite period outfits in order to impersonate a character from the olden days.

We are a team of professional actors and story-tellers able to bring stories to life! We are passionated about storytelling and performing.

Our night-time tours are top rated on TripAdvisor earning certificate of excellence for 5 years in a row.

Thousand of visitors had participated and enjoyed to our night tours along the past years.

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About us

Mysterium Tours is a company that crafts immersive storytelling experiences in form of evening guided walking tours categorized as Haunted and Ghost Tours served by freelance storytellers, who come together to present Legends, Tales and Myths from the olden days…

Since ancient times, darkness and death are the most powerful archetypes of human fears. The human mind conjures up obscure presences as Ghosts, Vampires, Devils, and unknown creatures of the night. When the evening falls, we go to seek them. Our team of storytellers will guide you along the dark alleyways to get to know about Holy InquisitionGhosts and Hauntings, Plagues, Battles, Curses…

A journey to the very dark side of the city. Follow the lantern and the eerie as well as magical atmosphere at night through the streets of the old towns where dark and mysterious stories, tales, and legends have been told for centuries.

Since 2013, Mysterium Tours had guided along the streets of Barcelona, Budapest, Krakow, Madrid, and Prague, with over 120.000 people.

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Tell Stories With Us

Why to join our team:

  • Handpicked outfits fit to the personality of every individual.
  • Monthly wages and tips in cash.
  • Joining an international team of professional storytellers who share a common passion
  • A stunning work environment: city centres
  • You could be featured in magazines, radio, TV and travel blogs or attend balls and events.
  • We offer the opportunity to promote your extracurricular activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social
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