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Meet the Krakow by-night tour that you will never forget

TOUR: The Magical Tales of the Old Town

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When one hears of dragons, vampires, and evil spirits, he or she starts getting ready for another episode of Game of Thrones. This is not the case, however, when it comes to our evening ghost tour in Krakow – The Magical Tales of the Old Town. On this tour, you won’t watch any TV series. What you will do instead is letting a glimpse of the past pierce through your mind and soul while being guided through one of the world’s most visited historical districts by a professional storyteller at night. Are you ready for the adventure of your lifetime? If you are, do not miss out on our tour to Medieval Krakow!

What does our Krakow Old Town walking tour have to offer?

It’s time to step aside from the sights all tourists flock to. Let them disperse in milling crowds by day. But once dusk falls, choose our Krakow ghost tour to revel in the marvels of the medieval town which remain hidden for ordinary tourists. There’s nothing more thrilling than taking a moonlit stroll through the streets that have been keeping some of the darkest secrets for ages.

Our Medieval Krakow guided tour is perfect for adults and students who are passionate about experiencing something different, yet so breathtaking. Forget about jumpscare folks and special effects that send a chill down your spine. At Mysterium Tours ®, we never use the tricks of this kind, and all our tours are 100% safe for everyone.
Here’s what this tour is about:
paying a visit to many haunted places and historical sights scattered all over Old Town, with the Market Square (or Rynek as locals call it) and St. Mary’s Basilica and Wawel Castle being included;
enjoying hair-raising stories that will leave a lasting impression even on the most cool-headed people;
getting enthralled by an abundance of mysterious legends about alchemists, dragons, vampires, and other creatures you couldn’t even imagine.

Make your evening Ghost Walk and Vampire Tour in Krakow unique

With Mysterium Tours ®, you can customize your journeys the way you want. Feel free to use our pick-up/drop-off service, modify itineraries, and enjoy the highest level of comfort. Whether you’re going to set off on our Krakow ghost tour solo or with your friends or colleagues, let us know your needs, and we will make your experience personalized. Contact us in advance so that our guides can exceed your expectations.

The Magical Tales of the Old Town wait to be heard. Travel the way that is out of the ordinary with us!


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