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Mysterium Tours® is an international company that franchise themed night haunted and ghost walking tours served by freelance actors, whom come together to present Mysteries, Tales and Myths from the olden days…

Since the ancient times, darkness and death are the most powerful archetypes of human fears. The human mind conjures up obscure presences as Ghosts, Vampires, Devils, and unknown creatures of the night. When the evening falls, we go to seek them. Our team of storytellers will also guide you to get to know about InquisitionsWitches, Alchemists; a journey to the very dark side of the city. Follow the lantern and the eerie as well as magical atmosphere at night through the streets of the old towns where dark and mysterious stories, tales and legends have been told for centuries.

Find us in Prague (2013), Budapest (2015), Madrid (2018), Krakow (2019), …

Mysterium Tours is best described as a walking night tour, filled with charming dark side of the city and guided by an elegant storyteller.

Andrea Arcidiacona (Creator Founder)
Mysterium Tours®

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