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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mysterium Tours?

Best described as a unique and artistic project where storytellers and narrators guide visitors strolling around the old districts providing historical facts, tales of mystery, hauntings and tragic events of the streets and squares of the old towns; a night walk guided by an elegant narrator. It is a journey through the charming dark side of the city. Our professional Mysterium storyteller will take you to places where interesting and mysterious, often tragic, events happened in the past, places where rumour, belief and superstition excite with the fear of dark myths and legends.

Who is Mysterium Tours for?

Do you want to experience something unique and unforgettable? A lover of ghost stories, legends, mysteries and history? Fascinated by that we do not fully understand or are you a skeptic willing to extend your horizons? Our Mysterium Tours are for you – informative and educational activities. Just keep in mind there is a reasonable amount of walking involved and our stories might not be suitable for overly-sensitive or small children.

Why choose Mysterium Tours?

Unlike any other tours, Mysterium Tours is a an international team of enthusiastic artists passionate about history, mythology and folklore who are exquisitely tailored in darkly elegant Gothic outfit. This is a passion that we want to share with you. Mysterium Tours have a limited number of participants on each tour to ensure an intimate atmosphere and a unique connection between you and the Storyteller. It is our privilige to guide you through the ancient cobbled streets of old areas and our mission is to present a myriad of historic mysteries and to regale you with terrifying tales of ghosts, madness, murders vampires and monsters, alchemy, magic and mystery!

Are the stories all TRUE?

All our stories are a result of intensive and painstaking research and, as an important part of local folklore, they have survived the passage of time. It is the nature of the folklore and paranormal to be rather difficult to “prove” as science is not yet at the point of understanding them completely. We, as Storytellers, will tell you what we know, what we have researched, what people have experienced and what evidence exists. A good Storyteller will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, spinning a web of a story to tie together all of the facts and hearsay that comes with research.
Note: for logistic reasons, some of the stories you will hear on our tours did not happen on the designated spots where we stop, but they are told because of their importance and connection to the main topics of the tour.

What should I bring?

A comfortable pair of walking shoes as it is a walking tour. Bring your camera to document this extraordinary experience taking as many photos as you like and if you get some great shots please share them with us. We love to share our guests’ great experience with our fans on our Facebook page and Twitter! Please, no videotaping during the tour without express prior permission. Finally bring your courage, open-mindedness, a tiny bit of skepticism and be prepared to have a good time.

What happens when there is bad weather?

Rain and wind won’t stop us from experiencing our tours and sometimes even rain or snow can further improve the atmosphere of our tours while we are following barely lit winding narrow alleys of the old historical centres. Make sure you bring a suitable rain gear in case of heavy rain, umbrella and warm clothes in case of bad weather. If you decide to cancel or transfer your tour to another day, please read our Terms and Conditions regarding cancelation and/or transfer fees.

Do Mysterium Tours include admission to premises?

No, Mysterium Tours do not include entry since our tours take place late in the evening close to the Witching Hour when churches, monasteries and most buildings are closed to the public; so our walking tours are along the streets and squares.

Does the tour involve paranormal investigation?

No, we are actors, historians and storytellers, not paranormal investigators. Mysterium Tours is an artistic international project that highlight gothic and medieval/reneissance style and local ancient history and folk tales.

How can I book a Mysterium Tour?

Get your ticket through this website. We accept secure payments by PayPal, credit/debit cards or bank transfers in €. It is recommended to book early in order to reserve your seats in a group tour, otherwise we are more than happy to offer a private tour for your liking. Lastly, Mysterium Tours use Bookeo as reliable and professional booking system that protects your privacy and data.