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Careers & Franchising

Are you looking for an exciting job as Writer or Storyteller with Franchising opportunities?

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View below the current job vacancies.

Desired skills:

  • An excellent use of english with native accent.
  • A good look appropriate for impersonating an elegant gentleman or noble lady from the olden days.
  • A genuine passion for dark history, mysteries, legends and gothic fiction.
  • A charismatic voice with good projection, suitable for narrating historical facts and dark tales.
  • An ability to memorize the scripts and deliver a professional performance.
  • Basic or advanced knowledge of Storytelling and talent for it.
  • Enthusiasm about wearing a themed outfit: gothic / victorian / steampunk.
  • Ability to perform with confidence in front of large audiences.
  • Ability to narrate stories with a background music.
  • Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

  • Personal (shadowing) and online training.
  • Handpicked outfits fit to the personality of every individual.
  • Competitive wages and tips in cash.
  • An international team who share a common passion.
  • A stunning work environment: old city centres.
  • You could be featured in magazines, radio, TV and travel blogs or attend vampire balls and events.
  • We offer the opportunity to promote your extracurricular activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social networks.
  • Freelance positions.

Are you a talented Storyteller with a genuine passion for tales, legends and history? Would you like to create your own Mysterium Tour in your city, but you don’t think you have the knowledge, experience or time to start from scratch?

Creating your own tour requires time and expertise to make it perfect and entertaining. There are probably other people planning on creating thematic tours in your town right now. Save time, use our know-how and get ahead of competition!

Our experienced team of professional storytellers will offer their full support, making it easy!

Desired skills:

  • A good use of English and local language.
  • Managing the local branch of the company.
  • Recruiting new members.
  • Training and team coordination.
  • Manage local marketing & partnerships.
  • Booking management.
  • Customer service.
  • Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

  • Advice on creating, running and servicing your Mysterium Tour.
  • We offer corporate identity, central marketing support, technical support, use of our website, booking system, costumes, books and scripts, graphics and printed materials.
  • Salary as a percentage of your branch’s earnings.
  • Freelance positions.

We are looking for talented writers with good inspirations to be dedicated to prepare and publishing on our blog, new articles with a minimum of 600 words count.

Desired skills:

  • Ability to Communicate.
  • Knowledge of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation.
  • Knowledge of local History and Culture.

Apply to one or both types of article:

  1. History and local legends / tales from any locations in Europe.
  2. Bright and Dark Novels based on creative inspiration.


We are also hiring: Community Managers.

Dedicated to post weekly fresh contents and short articles on our social pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. The contents must be all about historical sights, lore, interesting information and storytelling.

Desired skills:

  • Knowledge of Community Management.
  • Knowledge of local History and Culture.
  • Be independent and self motivated.


  • Monthly wages.
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