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We are seeking blog writers and freelance actors, with talent and skills for storytelling, in more cities.

Do you have a friend to refer? We offer rewards for successful nominations! Visit this page.

Desired skills:

  • An excellent use of English, German, Spanish, Italian and French with native level.
  • A good look appropriate for impersonating an elegant gentleman or noble lady from the olden days.
  • A genuine passion for dark history, mysteries, legends and gothic fiction.
  • A charismatic voice with good projection, suitable for narrating historical facts and dark tales.
  • An ability to memorize the scripts.
  • Talent for Story-telling.
  • Enthusiasm about wearing a themed outfit: gothic / victorian / steampunk.
  • Ability to perform with confidence in front of large audiences.
  • Creative insight.
  • Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.

Requirements: being self-employed. This is a freelance setup where you’ll invoice us every month for the actual work done.

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

  • Personal (shadowing) and online training.
  • Handpicked gothic outfits fit to the personality of every individual.
  • Competitive wages and tips in cash.
  • An international team who share a common passion.
  • A stunning work environment: old city centres.
  • You could be featured in magazines, radio, TV and travel blogs or attend vampire balls and events.
  • We offer the opportunity to promote your extracurricular activities (photography, music, arts, etc.) on our social networks.

Recruiting process:

  • We will review your information and we will contact you if your profile matches our requirements. The audition will have two components:
  1. Reading a story: language analysis, articulation and voice sound.
  2. Monologue: memory skills and body language analysis.

Would you like to manage an existing Mysterium’s branch or create a new one in your city, using our brand, know-how, experience and knowledge to start from scratch?

Creating your own themed tour requires time and expertise to make it perfect and entertaining. Save time, use our know-how and get ahead of competition!

Our experienced team of professional storytellers will offer their full support, making it easy!

Desired skills:

  • A good use of English and local language.
  • Managing the local branch of the company.
  • Recruit new actors.
  • Training and team coordination.
  • Manage local marketing & partnerships.
  • Booking management.
  • Customer service.
  • Be independent, disciplined, self motivated, open, honest and flexible.

Requirements: being self-employed. This is a freelance setup where you’ll invoice us every month for your branch’s earnings (%).

Benefits of working for Mysterium Tours:

  • Advice on creating, running and servicing your Mysterium Tour.
  • We offer corporate identity, central marketing support, technical support, use of our website, booking system, costumes, books and scripts, graphics and printed materials.
  • Salary as a percentage of your branch’s earnings.
  • Freelance positions.

We are looking for talented writers with good inspirations and to be dedicated to prepare and publishing weekly new articles on our BLOG.

Desired skills:

  • Ability to communicate.
  • Knowledge of Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation.
  • Knowledge of local History and Culture.
  • Ability to write as a professional narrator.

Types of articles:

  1. History and local legends / tales from any locations in Europe.
  2. Bright and Dark Novels based on creative inspiration.


  • 15 € for each single article (min. 700 words counts). Wages sent monthly via PayPal.


We are also hiring: Community Managers.

Dedicated to post weekly two short article (200-300 words) on our Facebook page and two photos/images on our Instagram account. The contents must be about our tours, historical sights, lore and interesting information.

Cities: Budapest, Krakow, Madrid, Prague.

Desired skills:

  • Knowledge of Community Management.
  • Ability to search local history / culture / info.
  • Be independent and self motivated.


  • 150 € wage sent monthly via PayPal.
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