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Let yourself be conquered by the Ghost Tour and Spanish Inquisition Tour of Madrid by night


Tour: The Spectres of the Spanish Inquisition

Ghosts and Legends of Madrid

Reviews | Madrid

When night falls and the streets empty, being swept away by a mystery tour in Madrid is a priceless experience. You can discover the darkest secrets of the Madrid de los Austrias and explore its most mysterious corners, walking through alleys and squares to discover the chilling past of this beautiful city. You will listen to your guide as she tells you about the sinister events and the tragic end of the characters that once walked through those same streets, whose spirits are still thought to wander restlessly without peace.

Reasons to choose our Ghost and Spanish Inquisition Tour in Madrid

If you like unique places, full of mysteries and ancient legends, this tour is for you. On our Spanish Inquisition Walking Tour and Ghost Tour in Madrid you will experience unique sensations:

Fear will take hold of you

Your heart will beat faster, your hair will stand on end, all your senses will be alert, your muscles will tense and the adrenaline will kick in. Between medieval houses and places full of charm and mystery, Madrid of the Habsburgs is full of “haunted” places. If you are curious to discover the darkest corners of Madrid de los Austrias and unveil its fascinating enigmas and legends, if you are attracted to the unknown, do not miss this opportunity to take a step back in time.

You will learn about the darkest side of the city

The fascinating itinerary of our night tour of Madrid will allow you to unearth the city’s mysterious history, with enigmas that veil it’s past in a shroud of stories and legends. We will take you back to the times of the Inquisition, reliving the terrible events which once took place on the city’s streets and  revealing the secrets kept inside the walls of it’s elegant buildings. And you will tremble when you hear the story of the horrible executions that used to take place in the Plaza Mayor…

You will breathe in the essence of Madrid by night

Leaving behind the modern city and stepping off the tourist trail to return to a time when life outside the city walls was forbidden. Through our stories, your guide will help you to experience the city through the eyes of it’s ancient inhabitants. A walking tour of Madrid by night that will take you back to another era: following a winding road through the ancient streets, palaces and squares, providing an intimate experience of the hidden city.

Do not hesitate to take part in our mysterious journey in to the past, along with your family and friends. We will take you to fascinating places in which history and legend take on a life of their own.


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