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Reviews 2018 / 2019

(Budapest) I did The Bloody Tales from within the Castle Courts Tour with my three adult children at the start of January and it was absolutely wonderful! We all have a passion for oral storytelling and historical myths and legends, so this was a fantastic opportunity for us. Our guide, Zsigmond, was truly outstanding and had us all completely captivated from start to finish. There was an extremely heavy mist that settled across Budapest on the night as if there to add a sense of dark foreboding and mystery to the narrative being presented. We watched The Witcher series recently and this tour, like the TV series, encapsulated the enigmatic nature of the past; it has emboldened us all to learn more about Hungarian history. I returned to some of the sites visited the following day with my husband and friends and was surprised at how different everything was during the daytime. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone with a fascination for oral storytelling and historical narratives. Thank you, Zsigmond!

11 January 2019

(Budapest) The host was a great storyteller. The trip was very atmospheric and we got to see some breathtaking views of the castle. It’s a great way of spending an entertaining evening in Budapest. Awesome to learn about Vlad the Impaler and the Blood Countess.

16 December 2019

(Budapest) Our previous comparable tour in Prague was great so we had high expectations which our storyteller filled in with infectious enthusiasm. imagine exciting stories told in a fairylike environment, that is in short, the description of the tour.

14 December 2019

(Krakow) “Glad we decided to book this tour. Covers some great sites within Poland.
Our guide was fantastic and we all enjoyed the tour which was both funny and informative.
Would highly recommend it.”

8 December 2019

(Budapest) It was freezing cold, vent from 0 to 3 below as we walk, but our guide Szigmond is a good storyteller and the cold was forgotten. Recommend this tour for everybody, even if ur not into vampires. The Castel and the sites from there are spectacular at night and gets even more so with the dark story’s og this tour.

6 December 2019

(Budapest) The tour was very interactive and engaging. Our guide was great. He was clear, concise, knowledgeable, and informative. He even answered my questions “unrelated” to the tour about the city and the history thereof. I will recommend this tour and this tour guide.

6 December 2019

(Budapest) Was very fun! Sigmund was s great storyteller.

17 November 2019

(Madrid) Fascinating, entertaining, and educational. We booked a private tour because we had some of the group with disabilities….. David our guide was very accommodating ….well worth it! Loved it

13 November 2019

(Madrid) “I really enjoyed this tour. Elizabeth had great stories to tell and delivered them in a very dramatic way–she was a great guide.
It was also fun to see the beautiful buildings of Madrid lit up at night.
Highly recommended!”

2 November 2019

(Krakow) Kraków Halloween tour was brilliant.

1 November 2019

(Budapest) Our tour leader was so engaging, and knew his stories inside and out! I appreciated his theatrical delivery and really enjoyed the sites at the castle at night – very fun! From my own perspective, the tour was a little longer than I had the mental stamina for, and could perhaps benefit from some selective editing. But, all in all, I would recommend this tour for an unusual side of Budapest history in a fabulous castle setting!

28 October 2019

(Madrid) We really enjoyed Elizabeth’s dramatic and informative tour dealing with the Spanish Inquisition! She provided much detail about events while we were at tor near the locations they occurred.

28 October 2019

(Krakow) “My wife and I had a great time

28 October 2019

(Madrid) I really enjoyed the tour and our guide/actress. 🙂 Elizabeth was amazing and knew how to bring the stories to life and she provided a lot of additional information. I can totally recommend the tour.

14 October 2019

(Krakow) “Brilliant, fascinating and fun!
Michael met us – and was early! he entertained us throughout and was incredibly knowledgeable. 5 stars from me! a perfect way to learn unusual facts and get your bearings in a new city.
The only thing that I would recommend would be perhaps to finish at a cafe with a hot drink.”

5 October 2019

(Madrid) Absolutely a blast!!! George? Our guide was entertaining and very knowledgeable. He loves showing Madrid off even with its sordid past however Madrid is also filled with hope. We truly enjoyed our tour. Will recommend on trip advisor as soon as we return to the States in Oct. – Nicci & Shawn

22 September 2019

(Budapest) Sigmund was a great storyteller with, great atmosphere. The only drawback was other people walking past, talking loudly, which made some bits difficult to hear.

9 September 2019

(Budapest) “Amazing tour.
You get to see the beautiful castle en city view at night time. It’s absolutely charming.
We had a very talented guide who could suck you into the past while telling the story.
Definitely would recommend it!”

31 August 2019

(Budapest) Excellent storytelling around Buda Castle last night.

16 August 2019

(Madrid) Elizabeth is such a good actress! She really made the tour immersive and we loved our experience.

12 August 2019

(Budapest) We had a great time and learned about some of Hungary’s history amongst the gruesome stories that our storyteller told us. His English was impeccable and his storytelling skill kept us glued to his every word. It is a fantastic way to see the castle by night. Brilliant, thank you. Morad and Vanessa 9/8/19

10 August 2019

(Budapest) Thank you! The tour was excellent! Our guide spoke very good and clear English and was an extremely good storyteller!

1 August 2019

(Madrid) The tour was fun and informative!

13 July 2019

(Budapest) Excellent tour. Excellent guide. Lots of historical information, which just happens to be bloody and ghoulish. Highly recommended.

13 July 2019

(Madrid) This tour was well crafted and well-rehearsed. I took a tour in Madrid and really learned a lot about the city and the Inquisition. The entire time I was enthralled by my excellent tour guide Elizabeth. I can tell that Mysterium takes great consideration about the experience that they want to create, as their employees are both responsive and creative. If you want a quick history lesson and a nice tour of the city, all while having a tour guide who connects one on one with you, then I wholeheartedly recommend having a tour with this company! I definitely plan on using the service again 🙂

7 July 2019

(Budapest) We learned so much about Hungarian history. The tour guide was enthusiastic and helpful, and every member of the group got included. This was one of the best tours I’ve been to.

4 July 2019

(Budapest) Very interesting tour! Not suitable for kids and people with a walking problems.

28 June 2019

(Madrid) great tour, Elizabeth was amazing!

13 June 2019

(Budapest) I brought a group of students from Ecuador and they thoroughly enjoyed the tour, particularly the gory stories.

20 June 2019

(Madrid) “most enjoying. Elizabeth the storyteller is a very talented actress.
loved it and will recommend it. thanks. Nava.”

27 May 2019

(Budapest) The tour was very informative concerning Hungarian history but there really wasn’t much about ghosts or vampires. Also, I think an earlier start time than 8:30 would be good.

27 May 2019

(Budapest) If you are interested in history this is the perfect tour for you. I didn’t know what to expect but when I arrived there, there were girls in a cape with the lap. She took us around Buda Castle where we had feu stops and she told us about the history of Hungary. At the end there Dracula and Bathory stories. It was quite interesting but not scary.

27 May 2019

(Madrid) “The tour was great.
The guide, Elizabeth, was amazing by bringing the stories to life and provided facts alongside.”

23 March 2019

(Madrid) We had a wonderful time with Elizabeth — really an enjoyable way to spend an evening. She was really knowledgeable and made everything come alive. I lived in Madrid for 3 years and never had experienced some of the streets we walked. I would highly recommend this tour. Thank you very much and I will also do these tours in other cities when I visit!

22 March 2019

(Madrid) “Wonderful tour! The fascinating history of Spain and Madrid told with elements both entertaining and tragic.
A great tour for anyone who appreciates the darker side of history and a good story well told.
Our tour guide was Elizabeth, on a private tour for my wife and myself she kept us entertained with the many frightening and horrific stories of old Madrid.
I recommend this tour highly.
Dave C, Canada”

21 March 2019

(Madrid) We absolutely LOVED Elizabeth!! She gave such a great insight to Madrid’s history, and her storytelling skills were superb. We would highly recommend this tour!

4 February 2019

(Madrid) We took a tour of Madrid with Elizabeth. She was wonderful – so knowledgeable, animated & warm-hearted!! The info was a mix of history and folklore, which I loved. So much fun going down the lesser known streets and seeing the city through a different lens. I can’t recommend Mysterium enough!

1 February 2019

(Madrid) We had a great evening guided by Elizabeth who made the takes come through! Highly recommended!

3 January 2019

(Madrid) Elizabeth was awesome! Thank you! Her riveting storytelling based on history, and inspired by architecture, transported me to the macabre Madrid of the inquisition. Take this tour!

7 December 2018

(Madrid) Great tour – all of our family thoroughly enjoyed it. The guide Elizabeth was an entertaining storyteller, whose knowledge of Madrid was captivating. Would definitely recommend it.

19 July 2018

(Madrid) If you wish to travel in time and live the experience of the Spanish Inquisition, then this is the right tour for you! For two hours you will be fully immersed in the “Madrid de Los Austrias”, walking through cobbled streets, dark alleys, and ancient squares, hearing legends, mysteries, and some of the city’s most terrifying stories. We booked the tour in Italian and Renato was not only a very professional guide but also a quite talented actor, able to captivate the audience and convey strong emotions. The tour is absolutely recommended, as it offers the opportunity to see an unusual face in Madrid.

10 February 2018