Ghost Tours of Prague by professional Actors

Ghost Tours of Prague – Night Tours guided by professional Actors and Storytellers.

Ghost Tours of Prague by professional ActorsGhost Tours of Prague – One of the most difficult parts of visiting an old city is getting yourself orientated. You can often feel lost, overwhelmed with choices of what to do, and what to see. It is especially the case with Prague. A gorgeous labyrinth of winding cobblestone streets and hidden nooks and crannies. Baroque and Gothic buildings, gorgeous monuments, and beautiful courtyards, fill the 5 and half square kilometres that comprise the Old Town and the Lesser Town of Prague, bisected by the winding Vltava River. More than one could see in a month, let alone a weekend.

One of the best ways to get a feel of the city is, of course, to take Ghost Tours of Prague, a walking haunted tour. And we offer two atmospheric, dramatic night tours, which will let you explore the most beautiful sights of the city and also learn about the dark legends and history of this thousand-year-old city.


The Dark Shadows of the Old Town

is our flagship tour; starting in the Old Town Square, you’ll be lead down the back streets of Prague, taking you to the Convent of St. Agnes, the Ungelt Square, the Old Jewish Cemetery, and so much more. When night falls, the Old Town takes on an even more beautiful, ethereal quality. You will get to see the Old Town at its darkest, and at its most striking, when all the buildings are illuminated to stand out against the dark night sky. Along the way, your storyteller and guide will share with you the most terrifying, exciting and heartbreaking legends that this city has to offer.

Ghost Tours of Prague by professional ActorsStories of melancholy ghosts and begging skeletons, of vicious murders and doomed romance. You will hear of corrupt men receiving their just desserts, of devils walking among mortals and of malicious spirits – as well as some charitable ones. The combined cultures of Czech, German and Jewish people, combined with superstition and imagination, have given birth to many incredible, chilling tales over the centuries. On the Dark Shadows of the Old Town, you will gain a deep understanding of these stories that have been an integral part of the Czech Zeitgeist.


If Ghost Stories in the Ghost Tours of Prague, aren’t quite to your taste, perhaps our other tour will be of more interest to you.


In The Alchemist’s Footsteps

is a quiet, intimate tour of the Lesser Town, focused on stories of the occultists and alchemists who made this city their base during the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II. In his nearly 40 years of rule, Rudolph II attracted many alchemists and esotericists to Prague, turning it from a relatively small city into an epicentre of science and culture. Truly a city befitting the name ‘City of Gold’ or ‘Magic Prague’.

Ghost Tours of Prague by professional ActorsStarting north of Prague Castle, where Johannes Kepler used to live, you will be guided on a gentle, relaxed tour that brings you through the Strahov Monastery, through Novy Svet (one of the best kept secrets of Prague, a gorgeous street more than 900 years old), and more. Your guide will tell you fascinating tales of the rise and fall of Rudolph II, as well as the many interesting, eccentric artifacts he collected. The stories you will hear are full of twists and turns, as well as a great deal of humor. Along the way, you will get some of the best views of the city, in all its sprawling majesty. But best of all, you will be able to see Prague Castle at its emptiest, and at its most beautiful. Whether it’s to get a sense of the city on your first night, or a send-off to the city on your last, this tour will give you a feast for the eyes like no other.

The main thing these Ghost Tours of Prague have in common is, of course, a dedicated master storyteller as your guide. All our guides are trained, professional actors and storytellers, who will entertain, immerse and delight you from start to finish. You will not see any cheap tricks like jump scares; the stories speak for themselves, as you will discover. Prague has such a rich and storied history, let us share some of it with you. Follow the flickering orange flame of the guide’s authentic oil lantern, and discover the secret side of Prague