The Elf and the Wizard

Mischievous yet kind-hearted, sprightly and lithe, Viktoria was well-liked in the community where she lived. Rarely a moment passed when she would not make someone smile with happiness. The Elven Viktoria lived on the outskirts of town with Petri, one of the Tall Ones, in a compact though well designed bydlet and, while proud of her Elven heritage, Viktoria would style her short, thick hair to always cover her pointed Elven ears so as not to stand out too much among the Tall Ones of Czecklish. Once a week she would spend some brief time in the local solarium to darken her naturally pale complexion. But Elf she was and clearly so, slight of stature with big beautiful dark blue eyes. Viktoria’s family lived some distance away in the North West of Checklish. Her mother a young looking and ample breasted woman of almost fifty, quick witted as was her daughter was of good humour. Father was more of a mystery and lived among the men of the town spending more time than was good for him drinking beer, a common and popular habit among the Czecklish that the Elven folk had easily adopted. Her brother, larger than the average Elf, was a train driver, a profession highly prized among the Elven and everyday he drove the enormous, old chugging diesel trains the length and breadth of the small Czecklish lands.

Viktoria worked hard and played harder yet her life was not completely happy. Sexually unfulfilled – the younger Elven are very fond of the course bumping and grinding of hips – her one year relationship with Petri was at its close. Elves and Tall Ones a good match do not make and it was that on her twenty ninth birthday, Viktoria’s life would take an unexpected turn. Celebrating in the local bar with Petri and many friends Viktoria revelled in the male attention. Flitting lightly on her feet here and there around the bar, taunting and flirting with the men, her eyes would catch their gaze and tantalisingly run away. On that long spring night, the bright candlelight and loud merriment caught the eyes and ears of a passing stranger who, curious and thirsty for the fine Czecklish beer, wandered into the bar and took up a seat and began to carefully observe the merry-making. The stranger, an Elder Wizard from Avalon in the cold north, guided by the ancient Runes, had travelled far from his birth place seeking a new home and had found among the Czecklish a curious and fond camaraderie. Also fond of the fine Czecklish beer, the Elder Wizard, slightly intoxicated and absorbed by the atmosphere sent across the bar a birthday drink for Viktoria knowing full well that etiquette dictates she would personally thank him. And so it was, a few moments later, accompanied by Petri, the diminutive Viktoria bounced gratefully into the tall Elder Wizards presence and thanked him with a cheeky smile. Despite his vast learning and wisdom, the language of Czecklish was not for the Elder Wizard so easy and in return Viktoria understood little and spoke even less his native Celtic tongue. But communicate they did and thus was born their beginning.

Over the next few weeks the Elder Wizard would frequent the bar and flirt outrageously with the vivacious Elf. Each time his eyes set upon Viktoria his heart would pound and when she caught his merry gaze her eyes would smile. After a short while a bargain was struck and the Elder Wizard, a fine teacher, began to tutor Viktoria in his native Celtic tongue and so once or twice a week they sat with heads together over the books of words and would teach and learn and laugh and yes, begin to love. Elder Wizards, though they are wise beyond men are said to be fools in love
and so fall in love he did with Viktoria. But the Elven heart is made of sterner stuff and it would be quite some while before she fully gave her heart to him but give it she did. Although Elder Wizards are born of the Tall Ones, their quick intelligence, vast wisdom and prodigious love-making skills make for younger Elven women an ideal mate.

It is often said in the Bookes of Lore “Take for yourself an Elven for a wife and you shall both be happy until the end of life”