The Highgate Vampire – Part 1

Highgate Cemetery in North London, opened in 1839 and famous for the last resting place of such notables as Karl Marx, Michael Faraday, Douglas Adams, Alexander Litvinenko and many others. Is these days run under the auspices of the charitable trust The Friends of Highgate Cemetery and has been restored to its former glory but […]

Baphomet’s Casino no.1

David Collins stared lazily and unfocused at himself in the bathroom mirror, splashed his face with cold water and slurred aloud to himself ‘Pull yourself together man. 43 years old, not bad looking, it’s not the end of the world’. It had been a bad day. His boss had been very apologetic. Economic crisis. Cutbacks. […]

The Elf and the Wizard

Mischievous yet kind-hearted, sprightly and lithe, Viktoria was well-liked in the community where she lived. Rarely a moment passed when she would not make someone smile with happiness. The Elven Viktoria lived on the outskirts of town with Petri, one of the Tall Ones, in a compact though well designed bydlet and, while proud of […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – 2

Ruthven Castle (now Barracks) The castle that once stood on the site of the barracks, was said to be haunted by its notorious lord, who was trapped in limbo playing cards with the Devil. Ruthven was first used as a Barracks in 1689 however a castle used to stand on the site and which was […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards – 1

The Devil in his many guises and of many different names – Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, Mephisto, Mephistopheles is a rather well travelled chap appearing throughout history to just about every society and culture that has existed. As a young boy growing up in my home country of Wales I learned a local legend that, many […]

Myths and Legends of Playing Cards

Playing cards are an everyday object used for gambling and game playing the world over. But the familiar deck of cards conceals many hidden meanings and inspire questions. Why are there four suits and why hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs? What is the significance of the picture cards? What is the meaning of the symbolism of […]

Rudas Baths in Budapest

Recently restored and modernized the Rudas baths originally built during the Turkish occupation of Hungary in the 16th century still retains many features of traditional Turkish design. Six thermal baths of varying temperatures bubble gently in one dimly lit, intimate and steamy room downstairs. The ceiling of the centre bath is a patchwork of small, […]

Orloj, the Astronomical Clock of Prague

Orloj, the Astronomical Clock & the Legend of Master Hanus In the Middle Ages, under the control of Kings and the capital of the bohemian kingdom, Prague’s position as the crossroads of Europe led to its growth into a magnificent city, at that time far larger and more important than Paris or London. To celebrate […]

Olšany Cemetery in Prague

Famous castles, churches, chapels and cemetaries of Europe. In places, particularly the old quarter, it is more than a little reminiscent of Highgate Cemetary, London. Olšany Cemetery (Olšanské hřbitovy) is the largest graveyard in Prague, Czech Republic, having had as many as two million burials and it is particularly noted for its many remarkable art […]

Mysteries of Prague “The Faust House”

Standing on Karlovo namesti (Charles Square) is a beautiful building with a long history that is as mystical as its name: Faustuv dum (the House of Faust). The Dr. Faust of legend is well-known for his practice of of black magic and for making a pact with the devil and this particular building was so-named […]