Robert the Bruce and his Battle Axe

Robert the Bruce and One-to-One Combat It is fairly unusual, even in the period of medieval kings, to hear about Kings engaging in one-to-one combat with a leader of a rival army. They are just too important to risk dying. Sure, they are on the battlefield. Yes, they roam around towards the back with their […]

HG Wells looking into the future

HG Wells: Today we will look into the Future Writing about a “modern” author like HG Wells is certainly not my nomenclature. In my line of work in writing for Mysterium Tours, I deal almost exclusively with the Past. I write by candlelight late into the night, I attempt to make sense of the senseless. […]

The Red Dragon of Wales

The Red Dragon of Wales Wales is a beautiful country. From the rugged landscape of Snowdonia to the beautiful coastline of Anglesey, there is something in Wales for everyone. It is also a country of myths, legends, and magic. I mean its flag has a Red Dragon on it, you can’t get much more mythical […]

King Alexander III of Scotland and his Midnight Ride

King Alexander III of Scotland During my time writing this blog I have written about the deaths of a number of different monarchs. In the mini-series on regicide, we saw the cruel assassination of Edward II, the historical whodunnit with The Princes in the Tower, the euthanasia of King George V, and the overthrowing of […]

St. Isidore of Seville: Patron Saint of the Internet

St Isidore of Seville: The Patron Saint of the Internet Welcome to my fourth installment about Patron Saints and their origins. We have looked at St. George & the Dragon, St. Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland and St. Drogo the Saint of unattractive people. Today we are going to look at a slightly more […]

Gruesome Tragedy at the Smalls Lighthouse

Lighthouse Keeping is an unusual profession I have held some strange jobs in my time. For much of my adolescence, I was a professional snake milker. I am not ashamed to say that I, as many writers before me have, am not unknown to have worked on the various Emu farms scattered across the East […]

St. Drogo of the Unattractive People

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder St. Drogo – In her 1878 book Molly Bawn, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford first coined the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Essentially she was saying that what constitutes beauty to one person, would be considered repulsive to another. Hungerford wasn’t the first to make this […]

St. George and the Dragon

St. George and the Dragon I find the small island nation that I was born upon a miracle. We have punched above our weight on issues ranging from politics, to ethics and science for the last 1000 years. We have a Royal Family that is a dynastic miracle. England has a History that is rich, […]

St. Patrick the Patron Saint of Ireland

What is a Patron Saint? It is estimated that every 17th March, thirteen million pints of Guiness are drank world wide. Thirteen million! That is a huge amount! What is so special about the 17th March I hear you ask? Well, this is St. Patrick’s day, so called to mark the day the real St. […]

The “real” Macbeth and Shakespeare

The “real” Macbeth Most of us are at least familiar with the name Macbeth. In fact, I would go as far as to say he is probably the most famous Scottish king in History. He’s certainly the most famous pre-twelfth century Scottish monarch, go ahead, try and name another one… Most of us are familiar […]