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The “real” Macbeth and Shakespeare

27th January 2020
Category: Scotland

The “real” Macbeth Most of us are at least familiar with the name Macbeth. In fact, I would go as far as to say he is probably the most famous Scottish king in History. He’s certainly the most famous pre-twelfth century Scottish monarch, go ahead, try and name another one… Most of us are familiar […]

Earl Sigurd the Mighty

22nd January 2020
Category: Scotland

The Orkney Islands Off the Northernmost tip of Scotland lies the beautiful Orkney Islands. This cluster of rocky land masses are awe inspiring. Whilst they are beautiful, they are also rugged. The weather can turn on the cusp of a penny this far North and the waves have proven fatal to more than one sailor […]

Gavrilo Princip: One man who changed History

18th January 2020
Category: Bosnia and Herzegovina

The village of Obljaj On the border Croatia shares with Bosnia & Herzegovina nestles a small village called Obljaj (Pronounced “Ob-lee-aj” if you were wondering). It is a pretty little village. Home to around two and a half thousand residents, it is quaint. The houses are constructed from a mixture of stone and locally felled […]

Francis Drake and the Elizabethan Period

16th January 2020
Category: England

Francis Drake and the Elizabethan Period Queen Elizabeth I is one of the rare monarchs who’s very persona defines an era. The period between 1558 – 1603 is known as the Elizabethan age and is considered to be a renaissance for England, defined by reforms in education, writers such as William Shakespeare and swashbuckling pirates […]

The Lady who saved Sigismund’s life

14th January 2020
Category: Hungary

The Lady who saved King Sigismund’s life The lady who saved King Sigismund’s life was Lady Cecille Rozgonyi. She came to the rescue of King Sigismund (1368-1437)  in 1428. It happened during the siege of Galambóc / Golubac Castle. Treason in 1428: the king was betrayed Now, Galambóc (Голубац/Golubac, Taubenberg, Gögerdsinlik) is a settlement in […]

Ghosts of the London Underground

11th January 2020
Category: England

The London Underground Every day the trains running under England’s capital city transport approximately five million passengers across the nation’s metropolis. The London Underground consists of 402 kilometres and 270 stations. It was built under King Edward VII’s reign in 1863 and has consistently evolved, developed and expanded every decade hereafter. To some it is […]

The Great fire of London and the Butterfly Effect

11th January 2020
Category: England

The Great fire of London The city of London, that has stood for almost two thousand years, was brought to its knees in 1666 during The Great fire of London. The city was nearly completely destroyed. The fire ravaged 436 acres of the capital city. It destroyed over 13,000 houses and dwellings. It caused the […]

Berlin, a city steeped in History

4th January 2020
Category: Germany

Berlin, a city steeped in History Berlin is an amazing city for History enthusiasts. Around every corner the architecture changes and reflects another period of this amazing city. Although this is the case in other cities I have visited, I have never seen it to quite such an extent. One moment you are waking through […]

The Berlin Wall

2nd January 2020
Category: Germany

The Berlin Wall Perhaps what I find most shocking about The Berlin Wall, is how recently it was in operation. The city of Berlin, divided in two by this concrete structure, represented the front line in the cold war between two different ideologies. On the Eastern side was the communist powers known as the Soviet […]

The Christmas Day Truce defines Humanity

27th December 2019
Category: France

The Christmas Day Truce defines Humanity There are moments in History that are said to define us as a species and echo through even to modern day. All too often people draw upon the darker pages of the past to demonstrate how we are still beasts. The blood thirsty roar from the crowds in the […]

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