Here, we will delight you with information, curiosities, history and legends from locations across Europe. Everything can be seen by those whose eyes have the power to observe… follow us and we will show you where to look!

Ghosts of the London Underground

The London Underground Every day the trains running under England’s capital city transport approximately five million passengers across the nation’s metropolis. The London Underground consists of 402 kilometres and 270 stations. It was built under King Edward VII’s reign in 1863 and has consistently evolved, developed and expanded every decade hereafter. To some it is […]

Berlin, a city steeped in History

Berlin, a city steeped in History Berlin is an amazing city for History enthusiasts. Around every corner the architecture changes and reflects another period of this amazing city. Although this is the case in other cities I have visited, I have never seen it to quite such an extent. One moment you are walking through […]

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall Perhaps what I find most shocking about The Berlin Wall, is how recently it was in operation. The city of Berlin, divided in two by this concrete structure, represented the front line in the cold war between two different ideologies. On the Eastern side was the communist powers known as the Soviet […]

The Christmas Day Truce defines Humanity

The Christmas Day Truce defines Humanity There are moments in History that are said to define us as a species and echo through even to modern day. All too often people draw upon the darker pages of the past to demonstrate how we are still beasts. The blood thirsty roar from the crowds in the […]

Alexander of Greece: The hopeless Randomness of it all

Alexander of Greece and the hopeless Randomness of it all Humans cannot help but look for meaning in everything around us. We have evolved to search out patterns in people and events and from this arbitrarily we derive meaning. We like to feel that we understand the why in the world around us. Actions lead […]

The city of Lichfield and its magnificent Cathedral

The City of Lichfield The small city of Lichfield is delightful. Home to just over 30,000 residents and spanning fourteen square kilometres, the city is nothing if not quaint. Visitors to the city should enjoy the small boutique shops, the local produce in cafes and the charming market stalls. Of course, no visit would be […]

Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle Warwick Castle is more than a little impressive. It began life as an Anglo Saxon Burh before evolving into a Wooden fort in 1068. From there the castle was developed into a stone fortification in the Twelfth Century. It fell into ruin for a period before phoenixing out of the flames and being […]

The Opium Years

Opium Opium is a brown, sticky tar-like substance. It is part of the opioid family of drugs and is a highly dangerous compound. It is made from the extract of poppy seeds and is a Class A controlled contraband. Opium is essentially heroin. Chances of both addiction and death for users is extremely high.  The drug […]

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in English History. He wrote in iambic pentameter that made even the drunkest of Elizabethan actors sound good, modern day scholars describe him as having a unique and timeless insight into the human psyche and he wrote about cultures, places and History that frankly […]

Famous Dogs from History

Famous Dogs from History As a nation, we love our four-legged furry friends. We play with our dogs, we work with them and we spend an inordinate amount of time posting pictures of them onto Social Media. Today we are looking at Famous Dogs from History.   The Murder of Edward VI’s Famous Dog Following […]